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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
stop (verb)
transitive verb
a) to close by filling or obstructing
b) to hinder or prevent the passage of
c) to get in the way of be wounded or killed by - easy to stop a bullet along a lonely … road Harvey Fergusson
a) to close up or block off (an opening) - plug
b) to make impassable - choke obstruct
c) to cover over or fill in (a hole or crevice)
a) to cause to give up or change a course of action
b) to keep from carrying out a proposed action - restrain prevent stopped them from leaving
a) to cause to cease - check suppress
b) - discontinue
a) to deduct or withhold (a sum due)
b) to instruct one's bank to refuse (payment) or refuse payment of (as a check)
a) to arrest the progress or motion of cause to halt - stopped the car
b) - parry
c) to check by means of a weapon - bring down kill
d) to beat in a boxing match by a knockout , broadly - defeat
e) - baffle nonplus
to change the pitch of (as a violin string) by pressing with the finger or (as a wind instrument) by closing one or more finger holes or by thrusting the hand or a mute into the bell
intransitive verb
to hold an honor card and enough protecting cards to be able to block (a bridge suit) before an opponent can run many tricks
a) to cease activity or operation - his heart stopped the rain stopped
b) to come to an end especially suddenly - close finish
a) to cease to move on - halt
b) - pause hesitate
a) to break one's journey - stay
b) chiefly British - remain
c) to make a brief call drop in
to become choked - clog the sink often stops up
stop (noun)
a) - cessation end
b) a pause or breaking off in speech
a) (1) a graduated set of organ pipes of similar design and tone quality
(2) a corresponding set of vibrators or reeds of a reed organ
(3) - stop knob often used figuratively in phrases like pull out all the stops to suggest holding nothing back
b) a means of regulating the pitch of a musical instrument
a) something that impedes, obstructs, or brings to a halt - impediment obstacle
b) the aperture of a camera lens , also a marking of a series (as of f-numbers) on a camera for indicating settings of the diaphragm
c) a drain plug - stopper
a device for arresting or limiting motion
the act of the state of being - stopping stopped check
a) a halt in a journey - stay made a brief stop to refuel
b) a stopping place - a bus stop
a) chiefly British any of several punctuation marks
b) - used in telegrams and cables to indicate a period
c) a pause or break in a verse that marks the end of a grammatical unit
a) an order stopping payment (as of a check or note) by a bank
b) - stop order
a consonant characterized by complete closure of the breath passage in the course of articulation - compare continuant
a depression in the face of an animal at the junction of forehead and muzzle
a function of an electronic device that a recording - stops
stop (adjective)
serving to stop designed to stop - stop line stop signal
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