How do you think about, articulate, and perform the liminal human experience of waiting? All of our experiences are cognitive as well as physical and none more so than lingering at a threshold before or between without the guiding parameters of most other prescribed behaviors. Possibly, these in-between, prolonged occurrences challenge us precisely because they are not articulated. Complete Book of Waiting, by Jo Carubia, Ph.D. begins the process of bringing a vocabulary, guides, and commentary to a very common experience. “Waiting is just a test of creativity and imagination.” (pg.2) “The semeiotic offers us a way to understand ….the third world that lies between the private incommunicable interior and the vast spaces of the exterior universe.” (Michael Shapiro, Language Lore, April 30, 2022).

Jo Carubia, Ph.D. is a writer, educator, and artist. She was also the series editor at Paragon House who conceived of, and brought to publication, Glossary of Semiotics by Vincent Colapietro.
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